The Greatest things

The Best Day – Today
The Greatest Sin – Fear
The Best Gift – Forgiveness
The Meanest Feeling – Jealousy
The Most Expensive Indulgence – Hate
The Greatest Trouble Maker – Talking Too Much
The Greatest Teacher – One who makes you want to learn
The Cleverest Man – One who does what he thinks right
The Worst Bankrupt – The soul that has lost its enthusiasm
The Best Part of One’s Religion – Gentleness And Cheerfulness
The Greatest Mistake – To Give Up
The Foremost in Happiness – Healthy Body
The Biggest Fool – The One Who Lies To Himself
The Most Certain Thing in Life – Change
The Greatest Handicap – One’s Ego
The Most Dangerous Person – Lair
The Truest form of God’s Worship  –  Dutifulness
The Greatest Need – Common Sense
– complied by brijesh prajapati

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