तीर्थ राज : पुष्कर ( The king of all Pilgrimages : Pushkar )

Pushkar.-Town, lake, and place of pilgrimage in Ajmer District,  Rajasthan State, India is  situated in 2629′ N. and 740 33′ E., 2,389 feet above  sea-level. Population is largely of  all Hindus. Pushkar is  said commonly  to be the only town in India that  contains a temple dedicated to Brahma, who here performed the sacrifice known as yajna (यज्ञ), whereby the lake of Pushkar became so holy that  the greatest sinner, by bathing in it, earns the delights of Paradise.
The town contains five principal temples, dedicated to Brahma, Savitri, Badri Narayan, Varha, and Siva Atmateswara ; but they are of modern construction, as the earlier buildings suffered severely under Aurangzeb.
Bathing ghats line the lake, and many of the princely families of Rajputana have houses round the margin. No living thing may be put to death within the limits of the town. A great fair is held in October / November ( कार्तिक पूर्णिमा ), attended by about millions of  pilgrims, who bathe in the sacred lake. At this time there is a large trade in horses, camels, bullocks, and miscellaneous merchandise.

The birds eye view of Pushkar & the Lake from the top of hill ( Naag Pahaad)

The Great Naag Lahaad ( Snake Hill) between Ajmer and Pushkar.

During  Sawan and Bhado (Monsoon ).

The evening CAMEL SAFARI at Pushkar :

The Agastya Muni ki Gufa (Cave)

Bhandara @ Ramaiya Ram Ashram, Pushkar

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