Pushkar Teerth Yatra by MBM 86 batchmates (PART 1/2)

The teerth yatra to Pushkar on 21.11.2015 ( Kartik Dashmi )

Left Jaipur @ 6.30 am by hired Bajaj Tempo Traveller. Had a nice breakfast on the wheels. Tea was brought by tea lovers in flasks. The hotness of it made it perfect delight with sweets, fruits and wafers.

MBM 86 Visit to Pushkar, in the tempo traveller !

On arrival to Pushkar at Sant Ramaiyaa Ram Ashram , service was rendered to hundreds of sadhu-sants by serving them food. An opportunity that comes very rare. We also had that same food as brunch. Also had some interaction with sadhus who have arrived from various places of UP / North India.

Sant Shri Ramaiya Ram Ashram : Bhandara to Sadhu Sants
Sant Shri Ramaiya Ram Ashram : Bhandara to Sadhu Sants

After the brunch went to “Agast Muni ki Gupha” , few kms on the outer Pushkar on the bed of NaagPahaad . It involves soem 10-15 minutes of tracking on the hill , but the path is very safe and not much slopes are there . It is very light tracking .

IMG-20151130-WA0012 IMG-20151130-WA0014 IMG-20151130-WA0015

The banyan tree three was giving very cool feeling. It provides a perfect place for picnic. The mood got so happy that everyone was enjoying its branches and could not stop himself from taking a romantic photo with spouse.

 The Agastya Muni Gupha ( Agast Muni Cave) is really work visiting .The silence what was felt inside the Gupha was never felt any where. It was ultimate silence as it is much more than a pin drop silence.

Experience of 10-15 minutes meditation in such a pure silence is unique in feeling. One should experience it personally to believe it. After that experience only one can understand why such caves were used by our rishis for spiritual enlightenment.

There were some other small cave / platform on hills which were like semi open places for meditation, may be suitable for hot  summers.

The photo from those high level platforms :

Agastya Muni Gupha , A Near by High Level platform for meditation


Agastya Muni Gupha , A Near by High Level platform for meditation

Reached to Pushkar Lake Ghat . The lake was clean and silent. You fell very cool while sitting there and relaxing.

pushkar lake
pushkar lake


Pushkar LAke
Pushkar LAke


And in the last but definitely not the least, our heartily thanks from all of us goes to Dear Shekhar Prajapati, ( cousin bro of Brijesh Prajapati ) who not only guided us to visit the sites happily but also took keen interest in taking advance preparations for the visit. He in fact had gone , few days in advance on bike to find out a proper way to reach Agastya Muni Gupha through a unconventional way ( through canal) as the regular routes were closed for vehicle due to Pushkar fair. Without his efforts it was not possible to make this tour so wonderful. Wish him best of luck for future similar assignments , which I feel may be taken by him as a part time hobby / job for serious / decent tracking lovers coming to Pushkar from all around the world.    

CLICK HERE FOR PART 2/2 : Pushkar Fair Visit by MBM 86 batchmates 

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