Pushkar Mela (fair) Visit by MBM 86 Batchmates [Part 2/2]

The real enjoyment in pushkar mela is Camel Safari .

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The most spectacular thing is the Cattle FAIR tens of thousands of cattles are there for sale and purchase . Mostly are the camels and horses.

The sand dunes  spread over kms of area is full of camels and horses. While passing through those and viewing through a camel safari is wonderful experience. Yo see camels and camels spread all around .

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Hundreds of photographers all around the world are seen moving here and there to get the best of snaps of camels, their movements, closeups and various combination of camels with sand , sun and dust . The camels owners are also seen staying there in carts / tents with all arrangement to have food prepared there itself.


The destination of camel safari is sunset point. And the sunset on the sea of sands is simply beautiful.

Relax there. Have a few shots of Archery if you like. Or one can also have the paragliding  chance there. The local folk artists are always there to entertain you .

Watching sunset with all these is unique and unforgettable experience.

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We also had our dinner in a very small temporary made restaurant which is run by family members came from nearby districts, who just have a tent and one has to sit on the ground to eat , that is actually the traditional and local style of eating food. Of course we had millet ( bajra roti) bread with vegetables  full food , unlimited quantity in just Rs. 50 per person. So cheap yet sufficient enough to earn the daily earning for the family to have some profit on account of the fair.IMG-20151130-WA0021

Apart from that one can also enjoy the market in fair along with Camel CART ride, the great “SWINGS” , the fancy dressed children posing with you for photo, and of court all kinds of traditional and local craft items.

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And in the last but definitely not the least, our heartily thanks from all of us goes to Dear Shekhar Prajapati, ( cousin bro of Brijesh Prajapati ) who not only guided us to visit the sites happily but also took keen interest in taking advance preparations for the visit. He in fact had gone , few days in advance on bike to find out a proper way to reach Agastya Muni Gupha through a unconventional way ( through canal) as the regular routes were closed for vehicle due to Pushkar fair. Without his efforts it was not possible to make this tour so wonderful. Wish him best of luck for future similar assignments , which I feel may be taken by him as a part time hobby / job for serious / decent tracking lovers coming to Pushkar from all around the world. 

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