Nutritional Value Compareison of Grains

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100 gms of Bajra (Millet), gives 8 mg ( 45 % of Daily Value Requirement (D.V.)) of Iron as compared to Wheat Flour (Aatta) which gives only 4.9 mg (25 % of  D.V.). The Refined Wheat Flour (Maida)  gives only  2.7 mg ( 15 % of D.V.). That appears to be one of the reason why Bajra is commonly used  in Western Rajasthan (Desert), throughout the year. It is also learnt that instead of Bajra, they use Bajri which is much smaller in size than Bajra. Bajra may not be suitable in summers but that is not the case with Bajri.

50 gms of Poha (Rice Flakes), commonly used in M.P. , gives 100 % of D.V. of Iron. 

The Puffed Rice (Murmura) of 50 gms also gives  55 % of D.V. of Iron.

Ragi (Nachni), commonly used in Maharashtra, is excellent source of Calcium. 50 gms of Ragi gives 100% of  D.V. of Calcium.

Rice and Ragi has maximum carbs to protein ratio, to delver high energy quickly.

Comparison of Nutritional values of Grains

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