During practice : athletes 

Go through two bottles of an energy drink containing fructose extract. The ingredients in a drink should be electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, and vitamin C. The magnesium and calcium help with heart and muscle function and prevent cramps.

If it ’s a humid day, have a hydration drink with electrolytes because you lose a lot of liquids.

After practice :

Have an organic protein shake made from water mixed with rice or pea protein concentrate (which is sometimes called medical protein) and some evaporated cane juice.

In Lunch on match days :

When you’ll have to practice around noon and play a match around three : have a heavy protein with my lunch, as a foundation for the match. But in general, pasta is all is needed.

Before a match :

When you  really want to fire up : eat a power gel with twenty-five milligrams of caffeine. But never take more than that. It elevates the energy, but alter the concentration.

During a match : 

Eat dried fruits like dates. Have one or two teaspoons of honey.