Why Belly Grows

When upper half of the body i.e. chest, shoulders, arms  etc is not used regularly for the purpose it is made of , the corresponding muscles i.e. rectus abdominals, pectorals major, triceps etc  become inactive and start loosing its strength . These muscles which were supposed to hold and give strength to ribs cage, now slowly starts  finding it difficult to hold and keep it straightened. The ribs cage starts falling down. To keep it straight and  to prevent it from falling down the the belly starts growing .

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Look at the picture , the ribs are attached to backbone at Thoracic on back side and are on the front side. They are just hanging on it.  . To ensure that backbone can hold it straight, some support is must on the front side below ribs. There is no support of bone below it to hold but same is provided by rectus abdomens muscle. Similarly pectoris muscles provide additional support to ribs cage . The triceps and other shoulder muscles prevents the shoulder  from bending in.

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To experience this, while standing, just expand the chest to maximum and contract the belly to minimum, push the shoulders back side after shrugging  a little bit. Ensure that the backbone is straight.  If we can hold on this posture all the time, we have successfully reduced the belly by 2 -4 inches ! And to keep holding the chest and upper body parts in erected position we need to strengthen the muscles around it. This strengthening cannot be done once and forgotten, it has to be done on daily basis as  muscles can keep them holding at the most for two or three days.Thereafter the thoracic starts bending and Lumbar starts coming outside. And now, the belly has no option but to hold it either by way of air pressure and also by way of increasing its size.

Similarly shoulders are put in place ( i.e. kept straight ) with the help of deltoid and pectoralis muscles. When these muscles are not used the shoulders are bent inside and put additional weight on ribs to fall. Thus putting again more responsibility on belly to hold it from falling and thus forces it to grow more.

Now just try this, when you are chest expanded position, on which part upper body weight is centered ? It is the tail bone, which acts as a pivot for whole of the upper body. But when belly comes out the body weight is shifted form that pivot / tail bone towards belly.

It happens naturally and unconsciously. Similar is the case while sitting. Specially in office where we spend almost 8 hours sitting. In house also most of the time we sit more. This 10-12 hours of sitting with thoracic bending, the lumbar coming outside, upper body weight centered on belly rather than tailbone the belly has no option but to provide support by growing more and more.

So the first thing to be done to reduce belly is to straighten the backbone, expand the chest, contract the belly and shift your boys weight to tail bone. This has to happen all the time unconsciously.

For which the affected/ loosened  muscles and related joints  etc are to be reoriented and reinforced to come back to original perfect position.

Training and detraining are responsible for gains and losses, respectively, in fitness levels. Training according to the FITT Principle guidelines will lead to optimal fitness benefits. On the other hand, decreases in fitness due to detraining occur at twice the rate of training gains when physical activity stops completely. That means what have been gained in one week of training will vanish if no training is done for 3-4 days and to recover / regain the same level again you have to do training for one week.

Thus the deformation taken place due to detraining of years, if we go by FITT principle, will take double the years to regain the lost  status / position. But if you continue the detraining, the deterioration will also continue. 

Some interesting factor adding to belly rise : Using ‘pants’ / ‘modern saari’ instead of ‘traditional dhoti’ :

Tightening the  pants with / without fix belt at naval height or nearby : In india the traditional dress for lower body used to be “Dhoti”.  If you go into the details how it is weared , you will be surprised to know that its actual position of fixing is mush lower to naval and its along the pelvis bone like a “V” shaped underwear. This does not put any pressure on the abdomen and keeps it free. Whereas the modern pants are fixed / tightened at the Naval Height which is the largest diameter position of belly and also has  has natural tendency to slip down. For that we further use the belts to hold it there . Tough belt tries to hold it , but if we breath in expand the chest the belly gets contracted and tendency of slippage of pant is further increased. Thus, unconsciously,  the belly tries to hold the pant by tightening it by putting a constant pressure of inhaled air. Slowly slowly this tendency is converted into habit and we start inflating the belly instead of chest while inhaling. That is,  this tightening of belly at naval point, forces the stomach to expand while breathing in , rather than shrink. The tendency is further aggregated by using the under wears which have elastic thick size belts, which is  not placed at the lowest part of belly. The “dhoti / langot” is the best example in this regard which is perfectly placed.  Now the present trend of  low waist jeans and pants are also better, more suitable and convenient.

Why Fat develops : The body structure or posture is basically made of skeleton. The skeleton is kept in proper shape & position by muscles all around it. To change the shape / posture of skeleton again , teh muscles helps in doing so.

The common major muscle of body are shown below.


Each and every muscles has some purpose and function. These are so designed that our hands, legs, waist, neck, can move be moved. The movement in some cases extends up to 90/180/270/360 degrees.

While living the natural way like in jungles and as a farmer out of jungles the body is required to use all almost all the muscles, thereby keeping the skeleton posture and shape in best possible manner called high fitness level.

However only when some of the  muscles are  not used or less used  then that that part of the skeleton starts loosing its shape or starts deforming . To counter that action, body starts using other muscles more . And slowly slowly these muscles are put in used excessively. With the result that muscle and related joint starts loosing its strength and capacity and the phenomenon of pain either in the joint or muscle or both starts taking place along with the deformation of skeleton posture of position or shape.

Simultaneously the fat also starts depositing around the inactive muscles. The more it is in active the more fat will accumulates. This process can be reversed just by re0activation and strengthening of that in active muscles.

Thus when all the muscles are used and kept active, the body remains fit and perfect in shape : As Simple As That !!!

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