The Best Shoes

A good shoe is one which does not restrict leg / body movement in any way whether speed, direction or flexibility. That is possible only when the whole foot inside the shoe continues to get unrestricted movements, bends and flexibility by any of its part / side / finger etc which is otherwise possible without a shoe i.e. bare foot.

If a shoe restricts any particular movement of any part of foot that means the leg muscles connected to that part will become inactive over a period of time. The load or purpose of that movement may be slowly and steadily taken over by some other part of foot and its corresponding leg muscles which may strengthen it initially but may overload it,  leading to pain / injury / damage etc. at a later stage.

Accordingly, the traditional canvas shoes are best which meets all the above requirements. and thats the reason they are most preferred in all kinds of sports, walking and running activities.

But if you still want to go for “modern” sport shoes made of leather or ragzine them select which :

provides ample free upward movement of your big toe and adjoining littles toes.

Shoe must hold our feet backside , i.e. it should not push or drag your feet forward, even though some comfortable space is required on front . This possible if there is height of the  heel of shoe is not more than that of  front sole, i.e. the feet should not rest in slope, it should  be flat as far as possible.

the bottom sole as well as the top front cover should be as flexible as possible to permit your foot to have flexible bending in all directions . Hard sole makes our foot FLAT which is very harmful.



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