The best fitness sport : Kabaddi

In sports, Kabaddi is the game which demands highest level of fitness . It requires :

  • highest level of heart and lung capacity while ryming ‘kabaddi’ for maximum time in one breathe,
  • highest level of strength in catching and holding the opponent and also for efforts in getting freedom once caught by many opponents,
  • highest level of quick movement & alertness in touching the oppponenet while raiding and also from escaping the raider to get touched. This demands flexibility as well as high reflexions for  all joints in body right from neck, hand, shoulders, wrist, fingers, waste, pelvis, knees, ankle, feet etc., and
  • highest level of alertness and movement through eyes & errs to keep a watch on 7 opponents while raiding and  also for a raider.

No other sport demand such a high level of fitness.


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