Static Stretching (Yoga)

Static Stretching (after workout).

The static stretching is basically Yoga Asans. They are must to be executed after the workout / play, but before that, the cool down is also necessary. It will regenerate to energy level which keeps you   energetic throughout the day and wakes you up with  with freshness in morning.

Avoiding the static stretching may bring   dullness / lethargy / tiredness  throughout the day and in the morning next day also.

Presuming that you have done dynamic stretching before the workout/play, the following stretching exercises / yogasan schedule / pattern is recommended which covers the most commonly used muscles during the workout / play. The sequence of static  has been designed to be followed very convenient,  specially when  you are fully exhausted  / tired. It will stretch the muscles to a maximum, so that you regain the freshness to keep yourself energetic throughout the day.

Even if you are not involved in workout / play this will be a good way to keep you energetic and healthy.





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