Exercise Equipment


Activities in natural environments such as parks and forests have a positive effect on stress, mood and fatigue, researchers at the University of Glasgow found. The study showed that exercising in “non-natural environments” such as gyms does not protect against poor mental health. 

The best running surface is natural grass / clay fields which are not very much uneven.

The hard ( not too sandy or soft ) soil around the sea beaches is also a good alternative.

The other alternatives are artifically made running tracks used for professional events.

If all these are not available then the kuccha roads / footpaths may be preferred rather than pucca roads.

The last choice is asphalt road and the last the cemented roads.

The running on treadmill is a artificial things and requires expert advise and monitoring by qualified coaches and instructors. Article running movements on artificial surfaces should only be last alternative with full care and caution.

Weights Exercises  in Gym

The weight exercises in Gym are not natural form of actions executed in daily life style. Thus being artificial they are not best suited.

The weight exercises are good for those who wants to increase muscle mass.

There are many other weight exercise which are less artificial in action like traditional Indian Clubs / “Mugdar”, “Gada”, “Gatti” or ” Hand Chakki” (a Circular Grinder rotated by hand to grind grains / lentils)  which can be performed at home also and are very cost effective.

In addition modern equipment are also good for strength exercises at home like swiss ball, stretch band, resistance band etc.


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