Dudhaleshwar Forest : Eco Tourism Destination

It is situated at a small hill from where one can overlook the dense forest from top , on the western / southern side. On the North side there is a Dudhaleshwar Mahadev Temple ( Shiv Mandir) which is around 500-600 years old.

The location of Guest house is such that you are feeling yourself just inside the forest. What can be there to watch the forest from a high point ? Nothing really,  for a common man.

Only the nature lovers can feel and sense the true enjoyment . He/ she  only can listen the music in silence, the soul in motionless  forest ! ( See the panoramic video below)


One has to just maintain the silence for an hour or so during the sunset and sunrise times, to listen to the music of silence.. The  tweeting of various kinds of  birds  specially the peacock , kingfishers , woodpeckers and many many more ( i do not know their names) makes you think about life other then humans.  The birds have their own society and way of communication. It appears sometimes that the peacocks from all the four ends of forest and telling to forest animals that all is well and fine, don’t worry, we are here to warn you from lions.





In the river pond below the buffaloes  are swimming without bothering about anything or anyone.


The spectacular view of peacock’s sky dive from 200/300  feet high hill top to ground level covering a path of around 100 meters is unforgettable.

In the morning can see loud noise made by animals as well in addition to birds. It gives a sign where that leopard might be on the move or at stay.

The small roar of leopard is enough to get the trilling feel of its presence. Citing is very very rare due to high density of forest and is just impossible. One must not think about the citing of  leopard otherwise you will waste your time in searching that and  will not be able to enjoy / feel the beauty of forest with other birds and animals, its silence and music therein.


All these above is possible only when you keep pin drop silence and watch over the forest for an hour or so in the evening and a couple of hours in the early morning .

Just get on the terrace .  The freshness in air is so much so that one feel like doing meditation and get lost there.




There is a beautiful, clean and calm natural lake on the east side, just across the hill over after crossing a 100meters walkway. it is really a nice feeling  to sit there and enjoy the nature.

DSC_0038 DSC_0041

The Rawli Todgarh is around 6 km from here. The road is not suitable for cars but jeeps can go through. We had to lake  a longer route of around 20-22 kms by car. On the way beautiful sceneries and breathtaking pictures view of Aravali Hills  are there . Such view are very rare and are possible only on the  way to Todgarh.  (See the view in  video below )




DSC_0101 DSC_0100 DSC_0099 DSC_0098 DSC_0096 DSC_0093 DSC_0091


Some manmade small dams are also very exiting and enjoying. One can have aswim and dive on these dams . Although the drive is not more than half an hour but it took almost 2-4 hours for us as we kept on spending some time at all beautiful sites on the way.

DSC_0090 DSC_0089 DSC_0088 DSC_0086

There is a facility for walk inside the forest with the help of guides.


All round the shepherds moving along with goats makes you think and feel the freedom and proximity of life with nature.



The best time to visit is during monsoon ( i.e. in Sawan / Bhado as per Hindu Calendar ) or say (July / August )

From Todgarh one can head towards Bhil-Beri waterfall . There is a Forest Department’s Check Post / Office at around 4-5 kms from Kamli Ghat Square towards Pali . It is around an hour’s journey from Todgarh. From the Forest Check Post one has to buy a ticket for Bhil Beri Water Fall which is around 3 kms away. Only Jeeps / motorcycle can go upto the fall. Cars has to be parked there and then we had to walk over foot for 3 kms. This 3 kms walk is also through a dense forest. if you love nature walk then please go walking this 3 kms . You are moving like through tunnels maddens natural trees and bushes along with a water trail / Nallah throughout the way.

Here are some suggestions for betterment of the eco-destination.
  • The sign board on the NH-8 Highway needs to be bigger and prominent. 
  • From Highway to Dudhaleshwar we had to ask at very frequently for the way there are lot junction roads which confuses the traveller due to non availability of signboards. 
  • The Tea was costing Rs. 25 each which is little expensive. Breakfast of Rs 100 and Lunch / Dinner of Rs 250 was also on higher side but acceptable considering the best the quality of food and preparations.
  • Since nature lovers are not very common, there is a need to provide enough info on the website to attract  tourists. A web page with all the details about location, booking persons contact details etc. is very much needed,if we really want to make it a tourist point.
  • Caretaker informed that one common toilet for drivers staying out side the guest rooms  is required 



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