Why did I purchase Mahindra TUV300 T4+

Why did I purchase Mahindra TUV300 T4+ ?

# 7 Seater Compact SUV

It is the only 7 seater SUV (officially permitted 7 seater) with rear two side seats fully comfortable for an adult of 6 feet heights.

Marazzo is also 7 seater but it’s looking long for city purpose and looks like a passenger taxi car. TUV300 is more like a Compact SUV designed to suit a family purpose for city as well as highway purposes.

Mahindra XUV 500 is also 7 seater with rear two seats are front facing but the entry/exit to rear seats is very inconvenient. Further higher cost is an issue.

Maruti Ertiga and Honda BRV , both are 7 seaters, but they are little longer in length and much smaller in width. The middle seat is not comfortable for 3 persons. Mahindra TUV 300 is much wider and can take more than 3 persons on middle seat.

Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano also are 5 seater only. And the 6th /7th seat optional provision in the rear boot space is not suitable for an adult.

# High Height

No other Car / SUV has the height more than this. When you sit in it you have a the longest visibility on road making is more safer, relaxed and comfortable driving .

Even Mahindra XUV 500 is little lesser in height compared to TUV300.

TATA Safari is taller than TUV300 but it is only 5 seater officially and the two rear seats are child seats (not suitable for an adult to sit on it) .

Renault Duster and. Nissan Terrano has much lesser height .

# Chassis based design

It is chassis based design making it around 500 kgs heavier than any other monocoque based SUV.

Chassis based vehicles are considered much safer compared to monocoque designs.

Travelling in a heavier vehicles gives less fatigue and strain in long journeys.

Mahindra Marrazzo is also a good option available that is not a fully Chassis based design . It is a mix of chassis and monocoque design.

Mahindra Thar is wonderful but baaivalky designed for off road driving for adventurism and trekking enthusiastic. The shock absorbers are old traditional way design without shock absorption. It’s not a family vehicle. Same is true for Force Explorer/Expedia .

No other SUV is chassis based design with true 7 seater.

# Bold & Powerful look

No other vehicle gives that kind of bold and powerful look which TUV300 gives. It’s based on battle TANK design .

In case if Maruti Ertiga and Honda CRV the length and width are proportionately designed hence the appearance and look is little awkward.

Mahindra Marrazzo, TATA Hexa, Hyundai Innova are more like passenger taxi cars.

# Reasonable cost of running.

It’s diesel based and average is 18 kmpl

# Best Priced

It is costing just Rs. 9.08 lakhs (on road price as on 22 Oct 2018) for the base model of TUV300 T4+. The top model TUV300 T10 is costing approx between 11 to 11.25 lakhs (on road).

No other vehicle with so much height, chassis based design, 7 seater , bold & powerful look with 100 bhp diesel engine and 18 kmpl average is near to this pricing.

# The cons /disadvantages

It’s 3 piston / 3 piston engine as compared to generally available 4 piston/ 4 cylinders designs. There is no much issue except that while switch on and switch of the vibrations of engine is little more. Otherwise while running there is no difference felt.

However, the technological advancement with mHAWK engines design gives 100 bhp power !

The maximum speed achievable is much less compared to petrol engine vehicles. For persons who like to drive at speed of more than 100 kmph, then petrol engines are more suitable for them.

But here again the question is , whether Indian Road are suitable to drive at speed more than 100 kmph ?

As far as higher Torque capacity and requirement is concerned, which is more desirable in hilly Terrains , then diesel engines are more suitable than petrol engines.

Being very wide in width makes it little difficult while driving in city with congested roads.

The poor visibility of Road level / surface all around the vehicle makes it further inconvenient while driving in highly congested city areas.

Why did I purchase the the Base Model with no feature/ accessory and not the top model with all features and Accessories ?

  1. Side stepper : TUV is designed with the inspiration from TANK design. Side stepper is a luxury item and insult to its design

  1. SKI racks : it makes it look softer and designer. Again the original concept of bold look from TANK design is defeated by using SKI racks.

  1. Chrome Garnish: The bolds have Matt finish and dark edges and look and softs have bright edges. Chrome Garnish is not meant for TANK.

  1. Door handles of same colour : I find black coloured door handles are better looking due to contrast.

  1. Rear wiper and defogger : Rear wider may be useful while driving in heavy rains. Defogger may not be very useful as to prevent fogging inside the car for the front windshield , we have to keep the AC on. And while the AC is on the rear windshield also gets degrogged automatically.

  1. Rear seat lamps : Now a days the torch feature of mobile is more commonly used and convenient, not only for rear seat but also for under the seat, for boot space , outside car etc.

  1. Fog Lamps : May sound useful while driving in foggy conditions . But not all the cars , trucks, tempos, tractors, cycles, motorcycles, Bullock carts, pedestrian, animals have fog lamps. Availability of fog lamps may tempt you to drive in foggy conditions but it’s never advisable to drive in such conditions which is very risky, especially in Indian roads and highways which are not designed perfectly keeping in mind various modes of vehicles on road. Better not to drive rather than getting an overconfidence to drive with high risk in low visibility conditioned.

  1. Phone control on steering : It is like encouraging and tempting to talk more while driving . That is more dangerous. Even taking over wireless /bluetooth earphones while driving is dangerous. In fact it should be clearly made illegal /offence by law through defining it in clear terms that any kind of talking over phone is illegal as it is putting so many lifes at risk.The only best option is to stop the car and talk.

  1. Music system: it’s obsolete concept now a days, when every phones has live music at all time and at everywhere. Keep n number rid headphones and let everyone listen to his own choice of music with earphone/ headphones, without disturbing or forcing other to listen to music of your choice. Still if you want to listen to speakers only then get installed bluetooth speaker / music system of your choice rather than forced quality and brand with almost double the cost.

  1. Navigation: It’s only the navigation but it doesn’t show traffic status and gives option of alternate routes and timings like you get on Google map on mobile with internet connection. Further you need to upgrade the maps inside your navigation software regularly through special way / mechanism of downloading through proprietary sites. When everyone’s mobile is giving you better navigation then why to dump money in non-live navigation. Further if you want to see the navigation map necessarily on the screen, then also it should be placed on the front side near windscreen or steering. See navigation map near the music system is very distracting and dangerous while driving. It’s a total waste of money and risky.

  1. Driver seat height adjustable: It’s useful feature if you are very short height or very long height . The height of driver seat is designed keeping in mind the average height of person in that county. this feature may be required and useful when different / abnormal height of people are driving the same car.

  1. Lumbar support: It’s useful on the long drives.

  1. Keyless entry : May be convenient for you but may also be convenient for a thief.

  1. Rear Parking Sensor : If you are so sophisticated that you do not want to turn your head for reverse parking, then you are craving for a luxury features in a TANK, where driver is supposed to be a tough and bold like a soldier. Mind you the best judgement of distance or scene is through the direct visibility of your eyes.

  1. Rear Camera: The rear camera is useful sometimes when you are careless in nature while parking . Mind it the camera is also having a limited angle of view and not the 360 angled 3D view which is only possible with your eyes.

  1. Armrest: Very useful in idle condition and while driving in city , but should be avoided while driving on highways especially during dizzy hours where the rest on armrest mayl get you a sudden snap and put lives at risk.

  1. Pillar blackout :The pillar in the body could looks better rather than getting it blacken.

  1. Leather seats : It is named as Faux Leather Seats. But one thing is very great in this is that there is no actual/true/genuine . It is a artificial product like PVC . In summer the setas gets very hot and in winter it gets very chilled. Not a very soothing or comfortable option. Only thing is it gives good look, which you may get by using beautiful towels also of your choice and colours.

  1. Rear spoiler : To me a front spoiler (cap like shade) is more desirable rather than a rear spoiler.

  1. USB port on rear seat : May be useful sometimes.

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